WE is a Social Enterprise that reduces your energy costs by helping you choose the best energy supplier (ESCO) for your home or business, and at the same time, WE helps raise funds for Not for Profit organizations by donating 25-35% of our commissions earned to a Not for Profit of your choice. There is no cost to you for this service.


Due to energy deregulation, you now have the power to choose your energy supplier.
Your energy bill consists of two parts – supply and delivery. You can purchase your energy supply from either an ESCO or your local electric or gas utility.

If you do not choose an ESCO, your utility will do it for you, often at a higher rate, and the utility will impose a Market Supply Charge.


Some provide long-term fixed prices while others offer variable rates that change with market conditions. Some even give the option for customers to lock-in a rate during certain peak months of energy use.


WE knows it can be difficult to find extra money to donate to Not for Profit organizations that are struggling.

However, by allowing WE to assist you with choosing the right ESCO and in turn lowering your energy bill, we donate 25-35% of our commissions to a Not for Profit of your choice on a residual basis.

Meet Our Leaders

Kyle Taylor

CEO & Founder 

Kyle Taylor is an entrepreneur and executive in the business Telecommunications field.  Known for putting short term financial gain aside for building relationships and helping others, Kyle conceived the idea for WE after learning about the benefits of energy deregulation.  He saw an opportunity to develop a social enterprise business model that would help Not-for-Profit organizations, and at the same time bring savings and good service to customers.  Kyle lives in New York with his wife, Maryam, his two sons, and his three-legged rescue dog, Easel.

Karen Taylor

Operations Manager

After many years of working as an educator, working in the retail industry, and volunteering for multiple Not for Profit organizations, Karen joined the WE team to help support their mission and realize their end goal of raising money for NFPs.  Karen continues to volunteer for NFPs in her spare time, and especially enjoys organizing and participating in fundraising activities.

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