Frequently Asked Questions


Deregulation sounds complicated.  It’s not!  Nothing will change for you except cost savings and your favorite charity will benefit from your choice.

You have the power to choose who supplies your energy.

What is an ESCO?

An ESCO (Energy Service Company) is supplier that produces and/or purchases energy in a competitive market and then provides the energy to the utility on the customer’s behalf.

What does deregulation mean to me?

Before deregulation, consumers had to buy their energy directly from their utility company, which essentially operated as a monopoly.  Now the consumer has the ability to choose who will supply their energy, and continue to enjoy the service from their utility.

Will the utility care if I use an ESCO?

No.  The utilities encourage the use of ESCOs.  Utilities make money on the delivery of the energy, not energy supply.

What changes will I expect in choosing an ESCO for my energy supply?

On your utility bill, you will see the utility company’s charge for the delivery of your energy and you will see the ESCO’s charge for the supply of the energy.  That will be the only change, other than the savings.

Will the switch cause an interruption or delay in my service?

No.  The ESCO you choose works with the utility on your behalf to provide an easy, hassle free transition.

Can I go back to my utility if I am not happy?

Switching back is as easy as enrolling with us.  Just let us know when you would like to switch back and we will notify the utility immediately.

Will I receive the same quality of energy?

All natural gas travels through the same pipeline system.  All electricity travels through the same wires.  You will receive the same energy as before.

What if I have a service or maintenance issue?

Call your utility.  Everything remains the same in regards to the service your utility provides.

What areas can you service?

We can serve customers in all deregulated states.

What makes WE different?

We are committed to help you choose the best Energy Supplier for your office or home, reduce your costs, and at the same time raise money for Not for Profit organizations.  You do not need to ask friends and family members to enroll in anything.  It’s simple.  Choose.  Save.  Give.

Where do I see the donation made to my favorite organization?

You will receive statements that show that the amount of the donation made on your behalf.

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